Subscriptions & Usage Fees

Subscribers are entitled to limitless free rides, as long as they don’t exceed a 3 hours period every time.

Registration Fee 1,00 €
First 3 hours Free
Delayed return fine (from the 4th to the 6th hour) 2,00 €/hr
Delayed return fine (from the 7th to the 24th hour) 5,00 € / hr
No-return fine (after the 24th hour) 1.680,00 €

To use the system you must have a valid subscription and sufficient balance in your CycloWallet.


You can get a bike as often as you like. If the ride duration is below 180’, there is no additional charge.


If your ride duration exceeds 180’, you will be charged according to the ride duration: For example, a 200’ ride, will be charged with an additional amount of 2,00 € (“Delayed return fine”). Charging for "overtime" is used as a means to discourage abuse and allow more people to use the system.


If after a ride your CycloWallet balance turns negative, you will be notified by email. To use the system again, you should refill your CycloWallet (minimum refill amount is 1,00 €).